The Dream

There were many influences that led to the conception of Gods From the Machine. Several of which were drawn from real life experiences and personalities of loved ones. Many were taken from the trials and tribulations of my life. The awkward moments, the growing pains, and what have you.

However, I thought I'd take the opportunity to single out the experience and person that made it all possible. Oddly enough, the most influential idea didn't come from real life, but in a dream. It was a very vivid and personal dream that involved someone very dear to me, and despite the title of the post, it will not be shared today. (No front row seats in Andrew's brain today!)

Needless to say, it was what actually tipped me over into writing this novel in the first place, helping me focus my ideas into one coherent piece. This person (who will not be named for their own privacy) knows that they are an ongoing inspiration to my writing, and one whom I respect and admire greatly. Though his/her name won't be overtly mentioned in the pages for readers to see, that was purely my intention. The character I wrote will pay homage to that person.  

We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.
— Arthur O'Shaughnessy

To me, it's very important to have a few strong influences in life because sometimes you need a reminder to keep going on. Perhaps it's not to write a novel, but most goals require more than a single person to persevere. 


What do you guys think? Where do you get inspiration from? Let me know in the comments!