Character Profile: Joni Bliss

Joni Bliss.jpg
Spare me, he’s a creep. But at least he’s going to Cotillion.
— Joni Bliss

Joni Bliss is a timid cleric and knight. She makes one third of the trio alongside Nick and Matt. She's 17 years old, but has yet to slay a demon. Her skills are more adept at nurturing and acting as the maternal figure between the guys. She's soft spoken and cute, but underneath she's also quite wise beyond her years. An expert on relationships, she is the only girl ever to be able to tie Matthew Cunningham down.

Despite not being on the front lines, Joni's skills are indispensable in times of crisis. For every knight needs a strong cleric by his/her side.

Favorite activities: Working on art (paintings, drawings), taking care of others, and spending time with Matt.

Favorite color: Hot Pink

Favorite animal: Mother Hen

Favorite drink: Cranberry Juice


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