Character Profile: Matthew Cunningham

Matthew Cunningham.jpg
Let me get this straight, you’re unhappy because we aren’t getting ambushed?
— Matthew Cunningham

Matthew Cunningham is the best friend of Nick Emberson. At 18 years old, he's a knight part of the Glenhaven Garrison. A fine pilot and swordsman, he's never without his trusty long sword, Wolfsbane. He's athletic and handsome while carrying a confident and friendly charm, making him quite popular with pretty much everyone. He's currently dating his childhood friend and fellow knight, Joni Bliss. 

Matt is a very identifiable character, and though can be considered too fun-loving at times, is also reliable and a great companion. Despite his wealth, he's not stuck-up or egotistical, but kind and considerate to all. 

In the bleakness of war, he's one to maintain a positive attitude and keep the group dynamic running strong. In the face of danger, he's not one to back down.

Favorite activities: Running, flying planes, sword fights, telling jokes, and spending time with Joni and Nick.

Favorite color: Grey

Favorite animal: Wolf

Favorite drink: OJ


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