Character Profile: Paul Evans

Paul Evans.jpg
You do realize you don’t stand a chance against me, don’t you?
— Paul Evans

Paul Evans is the anti-Nick. With white-blond hair and blue eyes, this 19 year old knight is also the president's son. He is the powerful apprentice to the archangel, Gabriel. He's arrogant and snobby, looking down on others who are poor or weak. He has extreme pride in his abilities and will not hesitate to flex his prowess over those he dislikes. However, despite all his negative traits, he still has honor and respect for those he considers to be strong.

His skill in combat even exceeds Nick Emberson's and he has killed more than most teenagers at his age. He carries a nameless broadsword and boasts about killing more than a hundred demons.

Favorite activities: Killing demons and bullying others

Favorite color: White

Favorite animal: Sea otters (especially when they're babies)

Favorite drink: Pink Lemonade


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