An Interview with a Writer

I sat down for a short interview with fellow writer, Daniel Doan. These questions range from Gods From the Machine to my own personal life and writing techniques. I took the liberty to use our initials to spare some room. He is DD and I am AL (obviously).

An interview with Andrew Ly, author of Gods From the Machine 

DD: I hear you're nearly finished with your first novel. What inspired you to write Gods From the Machine?

AL: I've always loved writing. English was by far my favorite subject in school. However, I never had the time or the patience to write a full-length novel. There were only pieces here and there, but never a cohesive story. Throughout college I had some breathing room, so I allowed it to develop. As far as inspiration goes, there's a blog post on this site called The Dream that details most of my influences. Long story short: it's a fantastical retelling of my own life journey sprinkled with supernatural elements.

DD: Cool title. Any reason why you chose it?

AL: It's pretty much explained in one of my blogs, titled: Deus ex Machina. Check it out for yourself. Otherwise, Google is your friend.

DD: And the character known as "Nick Emberson" is the main protagonist. Interesting name choice.

AL: Yes, it doesn't really have any meaning other than sounding cool. *Laughs* Well between you and me, there was much debate to create a cool sounding name that was both dynamic as well as thematically appropriate. Nick Emberson means much more when you take in account the entire scope of the story. Trust me, you'll find out why it matters when you read it.

DD: I look forward to it! How much of the book is realistic? What portion could you say is fact or fiction? 

AL: I'd like to say it's about 50/50 when it comes to fiction and realism. A lot of the content is based around situations I've dealt with in my twenty-three years on this planet. Most of the personal conversations (especially with female characters) are taken out of my own memories. They are more or less verbatim.

DD: You must have been born with a knack for this! Do you see writing as a career?

AL: *Laughs* Well, that depends. If I could achieve the same fame and recognition as JK Rowling or Stephen King, who could deny that? Honestly, I think it could be a viable career as long as I have an interesting story to tell. Last time I checked, my creative juices are infinite!

DD: Is there anything you find particularly challenging about writing?

AL: The only thing I've found difficult was trying to be thorough with explanations and descriptions. As a descriptive writer, I like to go overboard with details. Sometimes, it's a little much, but I feel that gives the reader a richer experience. Books usually have no pictures, so you have to drill into people's imaginations in order to get your viewpoint across! There's so many preconceived notions.  

DD: That is very true, and insightful! Now tell us, when will Gods From the Machine finally be released?

AL: Very soon! I am awaiting proofs at this time. It should be available in about two weeks. So some time mid-March.