Movie Soundtrack

I know it's much too early to even think about a movie deal, or even a Gods From the Machine soundtrack for that matter. However, I already have a vision for the type of music for my movie soundtrack. That being said, I prefer to stray away from the use of mainstream songs (sorry Katy Perry, Ke$sha, and everyone else on the Top 40) and would rather have original compositions.

There are many great composers, but I'd have to choose something from eastern roots. I have much respect for John Williams, Hans Zimmer, and Danny Elfman, but I felt someone more obscure to American mainstream would be fitting. A toss up between Yoko Kanno, Joe Hisaishi, and Nobuo Uematsu.  Below I pasted some samples of their work which I found resonated well with the overall tone and feel of my novel (or just happened to sound cool). 

Dance of Curse is a masterpiece by Yoko Kanno and is simply the most epic song I've ever heard and it came from one of the greatest Japanese animated shows of all time: The Vision of Escaflowne. If you haven't had the chance to watch it, I strongly suggest you do.

Liberi Fatali. I can still remember the opening to Final Fantasy VIII like it was just yesterday. Such a powerful introduction and such fitting music is what Nobuo Uematsu is known for, and quite frankly, also earned him the title of Japan's John Williams. Fantastic game followed by an amazing soundtrack.

Joe Hisaishi's work has been used in pretty much every Studio Ghibli film and it's no wonder why they chose him. The songs I enjoyed the most either came from Spirited Away or Howl's Moving Castle. For this example I chose to use the theme from the latter because I felt this list needed a lighter song to balance the other two. 


Well that concludes it. What do you think of my list? Do you have any other opinions? Like, share, and give me your thoughts!