Book Signing

Hello everyone! It turns out book distribution has taken some time because I was trying to find the perfect little bookstore to use as a venue. Unfortunately the best one I've found has a month long wait period which wouldn't be so bad, but I'm very eager to get everyone a copy as soon as possible! Also, having the consignment at a 60/40 percent take isn't exactly what I'd call smart business either, but I digress. 

Instead, the distribution will be taking place at the same location as the shirt distribution. Remember? That one place? The cafe in Koreatown? That's the one. 

I will be setting up shop there once more to deliver the lucky few who have been waiting patiently for a chance to snatch a copy of Gods From the Machine from yours truly. Of course, I'll also be there to sign copies as well! 

A time and date will be scheduled very soon.