Flash Fiction - Stories From My Collection

I wanted to share two flash fiction stories I wrote awhile back and I wanted to share it with you all. During my writing hiatus, I want to keep my skills sharp and so from time to time I'll post a few short stories. Below are two from my collection:

After Graduation

“What do you want to do after you graduate?” This was the essay prompt my college professor gave us for our exam. I sat in a room surrounded by forty others, tapping my pencil on the desk while staring at a blank page. I thought carefully about the assignment. School taught us to think within the confines of our curriculum, never straying outside the lines. What else waited for us beyond standardized tests? I realized this was the hardest question I’ve ever been asked because I was never prepared to answer it. “Time’s up,” my professor announced suddenly. “Pencils down.”  

The Sidewalk

Tom walked aimlessly along the sidewalk with his head hung low. He felt nothing now, blank like the fresh slates of cement under his feet. The canvas of beauty he knew disappeared without her to paint happiness in his life. Breaking up wasn’t how he imagined it would be, there was no dramatic exit or curses hurled at each other; no, it was quiet and discreet. It ate at the soul and dulled the senses until everything became background noise. It affected him so much he hadn’t noticed he stepped off the curb too early, unable to see the car.

What did you guys think about the stories? Good? Bad? Like, Comment, and Share!