Adman 101 - Five Starting Steps to Book Marketing

Starting this new year is a great way to look at things with a fresh lens and also with a new segment featuring more of my adman expertise. There's new authors out there with no idea where to begin when it comes to marketing or advertising their stories so I thought I'd give them an idea with five basic steps .

Check them out below:

1. Find your audience.  First, target your audience as specifically as you can.  If your book is about cooking on a budget, you might target low income households.  If your book is about the conflicts between science versus religion, you might target college students in that particular demographic.  If your book is about new trends in health diets, you might target fitness corporation departments at major corporations. The idea is to find that specific audience who actually will read your book.

2. Learn more about your audience.  Second, you want to see what those people do, where they do it, what they read, how they read it, and why they read it. How can you better connect with your audience?  Do they meet at a certain place, do they all wear a certain type of brand, or do they all drink Coke instead of Pepsi?  The idea is to meet your community where it lives, and reads.

3.  Utilize social media on all fronts.  There are two ways to approach this method.  One is to send out a reasonable number of tweets, Facebook postings, LinkedIn updates, and what have you.  The other is to be relentless categories and send out messages like it's going out of style.  I recommend against the latter because bombarding people constantly with social media posts regarding information about your novel is overkill, not to mention quite annoying. However, sometimes the argument is that people are so information overloaded that the only way to stand out is to be the loudest and most obnoxious. It really depends on your preference. 

4.  Develop a sense of urgency and drive.  Creating promotions are some ways to drive up the sense of urgency.  You could start a giveaway of print books for those who buy Kindle or Nook versions during a set time period or perhaps a contest that draws in viewers to win it for free in a raffle (it worked well for me). In that example having a limited supply and competition added urgency and brought fresh faces to my novel, a tactic which can help you create some momentum around your own novel too.

5.  Maintain the buzz high by finding new angles to promote your book.  Books generate the most interest just before and at the time of publication. Unfortunately, interest decreases as the weeks and months fly by.  You need to find out ways to keep your book fresh. There's no single way to do this because methods are subjective and function differently, but the idea is still the same: How can I keep my book relevant and fresh in the eyes of my audience?

Marketing and selling a book can take some time, but don't give up! Now if you enjoyed this post, please comment, like, and share!