Summer Is Over, But Style Never Ends

It's September folks, and with the leaves changing and the weather going from sunny to gloomy, we're all set to throw away our summer clothes in lieu for our winter gear. Hold on a second, before we start walking around like eskimos, let's keep in mind that Uncut Book Box is still selling dad hats! Wait Andrew, did you just say dad hats? What does that have to do with YA or reading?

Who says you can't be a fashion forward reader? Sorry, this is 2017 and that means everything is on the table. There is dichotomy is everything. Nerds are now coveted as the new hipster chic, gay marriage which was once determined to be unlawful is finally legalized (progressive power!), and dressing as a homeless man (ala Kanye West) is now considered the norm. 

You're hearing it here first: Stylish readers are now the latest thing.

 A hat for all seasons. Only $20/each

A hat for all seasons. Only $20/each

Make sure you pop by the Uncut Book Box shop and get yours while you still can! It makes the perfect the gift for readers, and while you're at it, make sure you sign up for a month. You won't regret it!

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