Our Reality is a Modern Day Dystopia.


But it's the only reality we've got. Luckily, there exists this section of cyberspace, a dedicated platform for my collective works to keep you entertained. It is an amalgamation of diverse and broad spectrums of topics I find interesting and informative. Here is where I share my original stories, provide insightful reviews, showcase my futuristic fashion sensibilities, and much more.  

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Find out about my story, my latest projects, and the steps towards my ultimate destiny in life.

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Do you enjoy reading? You can grab a copy of my YA novel, Gods From the Machine in the link below. Also, make sure you follow my blog for other short stories.

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The Writer in the Shell likes to share his creative side. Get lost in the rabbit hole that are my latest stories, reviews, analyses, updates, and news.

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Take a look through my gallery for photographs, designs, and other original images.

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