Character Profile: Nick Emberson

 The protagonist himself!

The protagonist himself!

I don’t want to be a part of anything that doesn’t let me live the life I want.
— Nick Emberson

At the beginning of the story, Nick Emberson is a day away from turning 18 years old. He is just a soldier from the Glenhaven Garrison (one of the many military academies dedicated to ridding the world of demons) in a world where demons and angels exist. He dreams of becoming a knight, but for him it may never come true.

Early on he meets the red headed beauty, Quinn Valentine and becomes instantly enamored by her. He wants to be closer to her, but conflicts arise that get in the way.

Nick has to deal with demons both in the literal and figurative sense. Possessing the soul of an ancient demon has made him supernaturally gifted, but at the same time, his past continues to haunt him. He deals with the stress of guilt and the pressure to live up to expectations, all while figuring out his place in the world. Find out more about him and his adventures by reading Gods From the Machine, the greatest story of all time!


Favorite activities: Sparring, driving fast cars, hiking, reading, playing with fire, and spending time with friends.

Favorite color: Black

Favorite animal: Phoenix 

Favorite drink: Water with plenty of ice (he tends to get hot easily)