5 Best Things About Self-Publishing

The question that most first time writers struggle with is either going traditional or indie when it comes to publishing. There is no doubt that the traditional route is the tried and true method to most authors, but self-publishing has made such a profound impact on the literary world that it contends to be the superior method. In my opinion, I find self-publishing to be a vastly better method and I have the five major reasons why below:

1. Complete Creative Control

The greatest thing about being an indie author is the fact that you get full control of your own creative work. You don't have to abide to any rules set by traditional standards and are free to do as you please. The process itself has been a real fun and interesting ride in my opinion, and one that allowed me to design everything for my own novel, Gods From the Machine, from scratch (You can find the links to it in the "Books" section).

2. Higher Return Rates

Traditional publishers take anywhere from 85-90% of the royalties from your work, leaving you with as little as 10% which means it would take an awful amount of sales to reach any discernible amount of profit. On the flip-side, the self-publishing route allows you to retain at least 70% through most major print on demand sites or even 100% if you preferred. Aside from telling a great story, maximizing profits certainly appeals the business side of me.

3. No More Querying

One of the things I hated the most about traditional publishing was the constant hoops they make you jump through. Why should I let someone judge quality, when their judgment is outdated and unfair? I'm a good judge of exceptional writing and I have peers for opinion, there's no need to write letters explaining why I'm good. End of story.

4. Quick Turnaround

With traditional publishing it often takes months or sometimes even years before they finalize all the details on your novel, taking too much time before they allow it to hit the market. It's a waste of precious time where your book could be gathering sales. With self-publishing, not only do you get to release it as soon as possible, but you also get the opportunity to make adjustments along the way. Traditional publishing would take forever to correct any mistakes, leaving traces of imperfection floating around bookstores.

5. High Market Life

Staying in the market is very important, considering the constant shift in trends and interests of the general public. When a book performs poorly in sales, it doesn't mean it's terrible (though some books ought to stay off the radar). However, traditional publishing systems would yank out that book and promptly bring your writing a career to a staggering halt. This is not the case with self-publishing as you can keep your book on the market for as long as you like.

And there you have it, the five reasons why I think self-publishing is awesome. Feel free to leave a comment about what you think. If you haven't had the chance, go pick up my novel, Gods From the Machine. Thanks!